A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Dream Escape

Game type: Minigame
Genre: First person adventure
Story: You find yourself trapped in your dreamworld unable to wake up. You find a dream gate that tells you to find the Dream Spirit and the Dream keys to unlock it and wake up! So jump right in and venture through a dream to wake up!
Made as a joint project between two teams: F NEON and DarkCell
Made usng: The Blender Game Engine!

(thanks to Jose VC for the Mac version!)
Hope you guys enjoy playing this! :D I'd love to hear from you and see pictures of you people playing it!
~F NEON and DarkCell Game Devs

Hope you will enjoy :D

Install instructions

Download 64 bit Windows version if your PC/laptop has Windows of 64 bit

Download 32 bit Windows version if your PC/laptop has Windows of 32 bit

This game can only be played on computers

download the game's zip file and extract using WinZip/WinRar/Jzip or any other software to a folder now go in and start the Dream Escape launcher and play!


DreamEscapeLauncher.blend.app.zip 73 MB
DreamEscapeWindows64bit.zip 68 MB
Dream-Escape-32-bit-Windows.zip 61 MB


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Nice to see a Blender game from time to time. The FOV is way too low I'd say.

Whoa mate! Thanks for that! I was coming here to fix te mouse bug and for uploading the Mac version, and I see this video! thanks a lot for believing in the Blender Game Engine :D